Casey Taylor

Casey Taylor

Evening Support Group Leader

After a successful 11-year career as a Radiological Control Technician, Casey Taylor resigned to give back what was given to him, hope for a better life. Casey is employed by the Aiken Center as a Peer Recovery Support Specialist. After going through an inpatient rehab just over four years ago, Casey knew he wanted nothing more out of life than to help others.

He recently enrolled as an undergraduate at City Vision University, where he majors in Addiction Counseling. In his free time, he enjoys working out, playing disc golf (along with every other sport), and helping those in need. 


He has a passion for groups, weekly leading a youth group consisting of high school seniors that allows them a safe space to open up, share what they may be struggling with, and let them know they are not alone. Casey also leads a weekly Men’s Group, something he has facilitated for over three years. It provides an opportunity where men can join together in fellowship, eat dinner, and “do life together.” They support each other when they are on top of the world or find themselves temporarily stuck in a valley. Essentially, it’s a place for men to be vulnerable, not worry about judgment, and even cry if they need to. 


As a first-time father and married for two short years, Casey and his family look forward to spending Saturday morning the most indulging in coffee and donuts, especially his son, and looking for a good bargain at a yard sale.